Albert C. Black, Jr.


Albert Black, Jr. has served on our board of trustees since August 2013.

Since founding the company in 1982, Black has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of On-Target Supplies & Logistics, Ltd. a regional logistics management firm that provides outsourced services to a diverse set of Fortune 500 companies and large non-profit organizations. On-Target’s supply chain functions include product sourcing, procurement, transportation, warehousing, light manufacturing, web-based fulfillment, distribution and second market management. As President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Black’s primary responsibility is to guide the growth and development of On-Target Supplies & Logistics and its affiliate companies TreCo Investments and ReadyToWork®.

Black’s professional and community experience over the years has included serving in leadership positions with several civic and educational institutions, including Baylor Health Care System, one of the leading healthcare delivery systems in the country with approximately $4.8 billion in annual operating revenue. He is the former Chairman of the Board of Directors for Baylor Health Care System and current chairman of the audit committee. He has served on the Baylor Health Care Board of Directors for over 20 years where he has been the chairman of the finance and operating committees and the sponsoring trustee of the BHCS Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute.Mr. Black also served as the Dallas Housing Authority Board Chairman, Dallas Regional Chamber Board Chairman, PrimeSource Board Chairman and Interim CEO, St. Louis University Board of Trustee, Baylor University Regent, Texas Southern University Regent, JPMorgan Chase Board Advisor, AT&T Advisor and TXU Advisor.

Black graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas and earned an MBA from the School of Business at Southern Methodist University. We determined that Black should serve on our board of trustees because of his entrepreneurial start-up business experience and important perspective serving as a long-standing member of the Board of Directors of a major healthcare delivery system as well as other civic and educational institutions.

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