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Physicians Realty Trust (NYSE: DOC) focuses on stakeholder engagement with team members, healthcare partners, investors, and the greater community within our asset markets. Through the strong support of our Board of Trustees, DOC’s senior leadership dedicates resources and tools to measure and manage resource consumption, including energy, water, and waste. Our sustainability policies are critical to delivering on our business goals of helping medical providers, developers, and shareholders realize better healthcare, better communities, and better returns.

DOC is committed to incorporating sustainable practices, social awareness, and integrity into our overall operational processes. In 2019, the company formalized these values into our Environmental Management System (EMS) plan, which provides a framework for environmental, social, and governance targets. Beginning in 2020, DOC provides investors with a publicly-available Annual ESG Report detailing all sustainability activities to date. This document also reaffirms our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to recruiting and retaining top talent.

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Our practical G2 SustainabilitySM philosophy emphasizes a balanced approach to ESG projects that support both the financial health of the property alongside long- and short-term environmental wins, creating best-in-class shareholder returns.

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Our focus on energy efficiency protects healthcare partners from energy market volatility and regulatory risk while lowering operating costs for healthcare partners, contributing to healthcare partner retention.

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Our ESG commitments highlight DOC’s responsible approach to management and resources, helping the company to appeal to ESG-conscious investors while attracting team members who are seeking careers with companies that share their values.



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