Exterior of Calko Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY
Calko Medical Center   —   Brooklyn, NY


Annual Report with Founders Video & Company Timeline

:00-:05 Image of the outside of a building with a blue overlay. On-screen text reads “The Founders” and below that is the Doc Logo (interlocking puzzle piece with words “Physicians Realty Trust Invest in Better”) on the left with the DOC Listed NYSE logo on the right. [Background Music plays throughout.]

:06-:09 Video of three men wearing suits sitting in chairs, smiling and laughing.

:10-:12 A man appears, seated against a dark background. He is speaking.

:13-:19 Man continues speaking. Text appears in the bottom right identifying him as “John Sweet, Jr. Retired EVP, Chief Investment Officer, Co-Founder.”

:20-:32 Sweet continues talking.

:33-:36 Cuts to three men wearing suits from earlier, seating against a dark background. We now know John Sweet Jr. is the man in the middle. The man on the far left is speaking.

:37-:38 Video focuses in on man on far left. Text in the bottom right identifies him as Mark Theine, EVP-Asset Management, Co-Founder.” He continues speaking.

:39-:58 Video zooms back out to the three men as Theine continues speaking and continues to switch between the wide shot and a focus on him.

:59-1:10 Video cuts to individual shot of the third man who is on the far right in the wider shot. He is wearing a suit against a dark background, speaking. Text in the bottom right appears identifying him as John Thomas, President & CEO, Co-Founder.”

1:11-1:17: Video pans out to show both Thomas and Theine as Thomas continues speaking.

1:18-1:34 Video focuses on Thomas as he speaks and alternates between panning out to shots of all three men as he continues talking and then focusing back on him.

1:35-1:42 Closing Slide: Image of the outside of a building that is overlaid in the color blue. A box appears on the screen with logos and text. At the top it says “DOC Doc Listed NYSE” with “2022 Annual Report below that and “Physicians Realty Trust 10 Years” below that with the words “Invest in better.” at the bottom.


Mark Theine
EVP, Asset Management

John Sweet, Jr.
Retired EVP, Chief Investment Officer

John T. Thomas
President & Chief Executive Officer

Celebrating a Decade of DOC

Physicians Realty Trust has established an award-winning team and portfolio that fuels our Invest in better® mission of helping medical providers, developers, and shareholders realize better health care, better communities, and better returns. And as we approach our 10th anniversary on July 19, 2023, we know we’re just getting started.



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