Every Drop Counts – 2023 Earth Day at DOC

May 12, 2023 | Healthcare Partner Engagement

Every Drop Counts – Earth Day 2023

This Earth Day, DOC focused on water conservation education through our Every Drop Counts event. The month-long effort helped further DOC’s annual sustainability goals by tasking property management teams to engage our health care partners in water conservation educational activities and initiatives. Reducing water usage at the property level positively impacts DOC and our health care partners, and even small changes can often yield significant results. Across the DOC  portfolio, more than 100 properties held events, shared information, and engaged our health care partners by highlighting the importance of water conservation.

Here is just a small sampling of what we collectively achieved this Earth Day:

  • Our Phoenix, AZ, property management team of Mercedes Marquez and Sandy Manos offered a trivia game with questions related to water conservation. Each participant was entered into a drawing for larger prizes, and all participants were invited to select from a variety of giveaways, including toilet leak detection tablets, eco-friendly reusable bags, and small succulent plants.
  • Jen Scott, DOC’s Hartford, CT property manager, sent broadcast messages to her tenants via Building Engines with water-saving tips. She also worked with her management team to optimize property irrigation systems.
  • In Dover, DE, Trish Johnson, CSA manager at Eden Hill Medical Center, held a water conservation trivia contest with all participants receiving a small succulent plant. In addition, to remind tenants to conserve water, she provided each suite with Every Drop Counts removable stickers to affix to their in-suite bathroom mirrors.
  • Brian Morath, with RAP Management in Rochester, NY, challenged his tenants to reduce water consumption through simple, achievable actions such as asking them to report leaks, inspect janitorial closets, staff restrooms and breakrooms, and remind co-workers, via laminated signs placed by in-suite sinks, to turn off the water when washing hands. Tenants then documented their actions via photos culminating in a prize drawing.
  • Our Atlanta, GA-based Realty Trust Group team, comprised of Von Terry, Alishia Martin, Christen Crossett, Angie Holton, Robin Costello, and Marissa Anguiano, hosted an Earth Day succulent grab-and-go event, where they shared the importance of conserving water, not only when caring for succulents, but in everyday life. The team also worked with eWaste ePlanet to offer electronics recycling to their tenants.
  • In Omaha, NE, the DOC management team of Ben Chrystak and Daneen Galvez held their Annual Manager Meetings to coincide with Earth Day, bringing practice managers together within each building to discuss past and future projects, Kingsley survey areas for improvement, DOC’s ESG goals, including this year’s Earth Day focus, and other building care issues. In addition, each participant received a reusable water bottle with the Every Drop Counts logo.
  • Cornerstone’s Indianapolis, IN, and Grand Blanc, MI management teams, which include Megan Drummond, Chanelle Mitchell, and Stephanie Decker, sent weekly emails to their buildings with fun facts about water conservation, promoted an Earth Day raffle, and encouraged recycling plastic bottles by trading them in for reusable bottles or succulents.
  • Patricia Ball, our Lincoln Harris manager in El Paso, TX, gifted tenants DIY terrarium jars and plants.
  • The Cambridge Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, management team of Wendy Martin and Jolene Wilson made plantable flower seed bombs from old company letterhead and flower seeds donated by their landscape vendors, which were then handed out to building tenants. Waste Management and janitorial service providers assisted by donating to the event. The team shared informational pamphlets about Earth Day and ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • The Houston-area & Austin, TX, team of Autumn Bay, Angie Gabriel, and Isabela Rivademar, set up a selfie booth outfitted with an Earth Day backdrop to help share DOC’s water conservation message. In addition to photos, the team passed out seed packets, flyers with water-saving tips, earth stress balls, and succulent plants.

Thank you to our property managers and health care partners who participated in DOC’s 2023 Earth Day celebration. Together, we all helped reinforce the message that Every Drop Counts!



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