A Special Family Celebration – Final Chemo Treatment in Ohio

Last month, Michelle, a patient at DOC-owned Zangmeister Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio, received her final chemo treatment in a battle against breast cancer. Patients such as Michelle can be at a higher risk for COVID-19, but the Zangmeister health care team ensured the facility remained a safe space for patients to continue receiving their life-saving treatments. Michelle is finished with treatment, and her entire family was able to celebrate this tremendous milestone.

“We are proud to exercise the utmost diligence to keep our facility and patients safe,” Zangmeister Associate Director of Practice Operations, Christine Pfaff, RPh, shared. “We aren’t just treating a patient – we’re treating someone’s mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and aunt, too. To see the whole family celebrate together was truly a gift.”

From all of us at DOC, congratulations to Michelle, her family, and the entire Zangmeister team for being true heroes!



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