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Environmental Sustainability

2019-2021 Goals


10% reduction over 3 years


10% reduction over 3 years


10% reduction over 3 years


10% increased diversion over 3 years

Goals benchmarked on 1/1/2018 for the Identified MOB Portfolio

Environmental Efforts to Date

Green Leasing

DOC includes green lease language in all of our documents as we work to source and sustain the industry’s highest quality tenants, enhance the patient experience, and create operational efficiencies. We view this tool as a way to increase tenant engagement in our sustainability efforts by communicating the shared value of efficient building operations. Where conventional leases tend to make energy efficiency the sole responsibility of the landlord, under a green lease, tenants and property owners coordinate to conserve resources and align the costs of sustainable investments. We work with our tenants to reach building efficiency goals and help them realize the potential savings of reduced energy, water, and waste costs. Creating higher-performing assets will prove valuable to our socially and fiscally responsible tenants and investors. At the same time, green leasing offers educational opportunities for the tenant while promoting DOC’s ultimate goal of becoming a green leasing leader.

Our green lease provisions were incorporated into our standard lease form and meet the best practices outlined by the IREM’s Certified Sustainable Property program. These enhancements include provisions allowing cost recovery of capital expenses intended to save energy, tenant agreements to share utility data on their suites, and landlord agreements to provide the property’s Energy Star score with tenants on an annual basis.

DOC Earns IMT Green Lease Leaders Platinum Designation

In 2022, DOC earned the Green Lease Leaders Platinum Designation from the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings Alliance. The platinum designation is the highest recognition offered for green leasing efforts.

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Invest in Better® by Investing in People

During a year of unprecedented challenges, including a global pandemic, DOC reached out to our partners in new ways to showcase the DOC Difference, as we worked together with our partners—one person, one practice, and one health system at a time.

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LED Upgrades: A Brighter Path to ESG Performance

A wide-scale LED lighting retrofit project to replace incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting was a natural step to enhance our ESG programming. High-level benefits include better energy efficiency, utility savings, and a longer functional life. LED lights can also be recycled while providing an optimal environment for tenants and patients.

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