DOC Receives 2022 GRESB Score

GRESB has announced its 2022 Real Estate Assessment results, and DOC is proud to have earned a score of 75 out of 100, outperforming the global average of 74. DOC also received a Green Star designation, awarded to submitters that have achieved scores of 50+ on GRESB’s implementation and measurement of the management & policy sections. Further, the Company’s 2022 GRESB Public Disclosure Level earned an “A” rating and a score of 98 out of 100, ranking first in its health care comparison group.

“Our annual GRESB Real Estate Assessment efforts and continued high scores celebrate the leadership and contributions of our entire team, demonstrating the success of our actions to date,” said Mark Theine, Executive Vice President of Asset Management. “We continue to integrate ESG principles into all aspects of our company culture, facility operations, and future financial planning to ensure we provide an excellent setting for our health care provider partners to deliver patient care as leaders in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

Learn more in our press release.



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