DOC Earns IMT Green Lease Leaders Platinum Designation

May 18, 2022

Green leases, also known as “high-performance” or “energy aligned” leases, create win-win strategies for building owners and tenants by equitably aligning the costs and benefits of energy and water efficiency investments. While conventional leases tend to make energy efficiency the sole responsibility of the landlord, under a green lease, tenants and property owners collaborate to conserve resources and align the costs of sustainable investments. Since 2019, 99% of our new leases and renewals have included green lease provisions. As a result, approximately 49% of our portfolio is now under a green lease. 

In 2022, DOC earned the Green Lease Leaders Platinum Designation from the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings Alliance. The platinum designation is the highest recognition offered for green leasing efforts. Previously, DOC earned the Gold Designation in 2020.  

While the program’s silver and gold tiers recognize companies for actions that reduce energy use and strengthen tenant-landlord relationships, the platinum level goes further. Green Lease Leaders’ platinum designation recognizes companies that have integrated ambitious building energy reduction goals with social impact goals while maintaining the program’s core principles.  

Green Lease Leaders is the premier industry recognition program that spotlights forward-thinking real estate companies utilizing the leasing process to spur collaborative action on energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. To receive Green Lease Leaders recognition, organizations must integrate whole building performance reduction goals in carbon or energy use intensity. They must also establish social impact goals for health, resilience, diversity, and climate. These guidelines must be incorporated into corporate policies, drafted or executed leases, operating procedures, and landlord-tenant engagement strategies. 

"The Green Lease Leaders program gives us added tools that integrate sustainability standards into our everyday business practices. We have reduced our environmental footprint by adopting measures that both create cost savings and benefit our health care partners and shareholders. It’s a win all around."

— Allison King | Regional Leasing Manager, Physicians Realty Trust



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