Slam Dunk the Junk – 2021 Earth Day at DOC

May 21, 2021 | Healthcare Partner Engagement

DOC challenged its property management team to “Slam Dunk the Junk” as its 2021 Earth Day theme, focusing on electronic “e-waste” recycling. Partnering with Waste Management (WM), property managers across DOC’s portfolio held e-cycling events to collect and divert old and unused electronic junk and alkaline batteries from landfills. The result? A big slam dunk – 116 properties at 82 collection sites filled 45 large (450 lbs. capacity) and 86 small (250 lbs. capacity) e-waste boxes and 86 one-gallon battery buckets. But these stats don’t properly tell the story of the creative ways our management team approached these events, so here’s just a sampling of DOC’s Earth Day activities across the portfolio.

Dana Klein and Eileen Baisley, Landmark Healthcare Facilities, who manage DOC’s two-property Hudson Valley, NY portfolio, used Earth Day to make a fashion statement. They donned custom-made sweatshirts with the “Slam Dunk the Junk” logo emblazoned across the front, and Karma, Dana’s Doberman, served as event mascot with a logoed hoodie. Before the event, they informed tenants about the e-cycling opportunity with email announcements and posted flyers. On event day, they visited their properties, reminding tenants about the event and showing off their Earth Day finery. Eileen shared, “We made this event fun, and our energy seemed to be contagious with the tenants.”

Kyle Kneeland of Flagship Healthcare Properties, property manager at Lee’s Hill Medical Plaza in Fredericksburg, VA, marketed the event through building broadcast messaging, flyers, and conversations with practice managers to create excitement. Noticing an initial lack of participation, he dropped off small collection boxes in tenant suites and even pushed a janitorial cart around to collect old and unused electronics. By the end of the event, he had filled up an entire large collection box.

The team managing DOC’s six-building Atlanta portfolio, Lauren Whitlock, Von Terry, Kendall Snyder, Kathie Coldmon, and Jaime Nance of Realty Trust Group, anticipated a strong response. Their team geared up in the weeks before the event to ensure everything would run smoothly and successfully. In addition to sending emails and posting signs, the group met with tenants to coordinate equipment pickups with their building engineers and went the extra step to provide and coordinate alternatives for items they could not collect. The team also encouraged tenants to bring electronics from home, and Von reported that tenants took advantage of this event and the opportunity to purge.

Managing DOC’s headquarters building in Milwaukee, WI, Jody Solano of Ryan Companies reported that the Earth Day e-cycling event was truly a hit. Her team kicked off event promotion by hand-delivering Earth Day e-cycling event flyers, asking building security to share reminders, and using building broadcast messaging to share the “Slam Dunk the Junk” e-cycling flyer. The tenants responded by filling up several large collection containers on Earth Day.

DOC’s Nebraska team, Scott Hedrick and Ben Chrystak, who manage a 13-property portfolio, focused their Earth Day initiative on their tenant giveaways. To increase interest in e-cycling and announce the event, they sent a quick survey to their tenants. They also sent additional notices via building broadcast messaging and posted flyers in all elevators during the month leading up to Earth Day. On the event days, they hand-delivered logoed, reusable cotton coffee sleeves and packets of wildflower seeds. One tenant shared, “I’m glad you guys did this event. Otherwise, I would have taken these TVs to the dump.” Way to divert e-waste, team!”

DOC’s 16-building Minneapolis area portfolio, managed by the Davis team of Alicia Schaeffer, Melissa Gomes, and Emily Gruenhagen, worked together to make their event a success. They started in February with an email sent to tenants, asking if they would be interested in an electronics recycling event. Working with their maintenance crew, they scheduled days and times for the team to stop by each tenant suite in the portfolio to collect items. Their hard work paid off when the team collected much more than they had anticipated.

Brian Morath, property manager for DOC’s five-building Rochester, NY portfolio with RAP Management, had held a similar e-waste event in 2019, so he knew that the key to success would be constant tenant communication. He started with a teaser in his April newsletter and followed with a longer article in the May issue. He encouraged and received many tenant questions about bringing items from home and what items would be accepted. Because the event day forecast predicted snow, Brian contacted everyone to let them know that the event would continue as planned. Despite the snow, the team filled all six large collection boxes.

Megan Drummond, Cornerstone Companies’ senior property manager with DOC’s Indianapolis portfolio, planned a successful event through advertising, incentivizing, and recognizing tenants. Pre-event notices were sent to increase awareness and included helpful information about local Earth Day specials and events. They incentivized tenants with colorful, custom-made cookies decorated with “Slam Dunk the Junk” and recycling logos in DOC colors. Their event also included plastic bag recycling. Tenants bringing in plastic bags were given a reusable bag in exchange, and the bag collection filled two SUV trunks.

DOC thanks our managers and participants for an overwhelmingly successful 2021 Earth Day celebration!



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