William A. Ebinger, M.D.


Dr. Ebinger has served on our board of trustees since August 2013.

Dr. Ebinger is a practicing internist with Aurora Health Care, the largest healthcare delivery system in Wisconsin with 15 hospitals across the state, nearly 1,500 employed physicians and approximately $4 billion in annual revenue. He is now the President of the Greater Milwaukee North Market Management Committee, which extends from central Milwaukee to Sheboygan, and covers approximately 760 physicians and 3 hospitals. His role as president is to lead and coordinate efforts in the areas of service quality, operational performance, growth and development, workforce planning and physician performance/intervention. Dr. Ebinger is also on the Aurora Medical Group Board of Directors.

Prior to joining Aurora Health Care in 2008, Dr. Ebinger was a physician stockholder of Advanced Healthcare, the largest independent physician practice group in Southeastern Wisconsin with approximately 250 physicians. In 2008, he helped Advance Healthcare arrange a strategic hospital affiliation with Aurora Health Care to create Aurora Advanced Health Care. Dr. Ebinger is now a member of the Board of Directors for the Aurora Advanced Healthcare Division of Aurora Health Care, where he also serves as a Medical Director for its Ozaukee Region.

Dr. Ebinger graduated from Cornell College and the medical school at the University of Chicago. He completed his postgraduate studies in Internal Medical at the University of Michigan and is a member of the American Board of Internal Medicine. We determined that Dr. Ebinger should serve on our board of trustees because of his unique perspective as a practicing physician and experience with the integration and affiliation of an independent physician practice group with a leading healthcare delivery system.

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