Materiality Assessment

As we continue to progress and set new goals for the company’s sustainability strategy, DOC worked to determine the corporate responsibility (CR) factors of most significance to our stakeholders by conducting an in-depth materiality analysis.

This inaugural analysis included our Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team because of their long-term, abiding stake in the company and direct impact on our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress. The assessment also surveyed a selection of the company’s equity investors.

This materiality analysis is an essential component of our approach to managing CR progress and reporting to:

Determine materiality via formal and informal communications

Set long-term goals aligned with our materiality analysis

Refine our ongoing sustainability plan that puts initiatives and strategies in place to achieve our long-term goals

The results of our inaugural assessment are shown below. The top six topics identified include:

  • Financial performance
  • Energy efficiency/renewables
  • Training & development
  • Ethics & anti-corruption
  • Smart/green building technologies
  • Diversity, equity, & inclusion