ESG principles have been a part of DOC’s business practices since the company’s inception. As our business has matured, our ESG endeavors have evolved. We have transitioned from implementing ESG tactics on a case-by-case basis to formalizing our approach into measurable multi-year goals spanning the entirety of our business practices. In 2020, DOC has committed $3.75 million to sustainability projects to further our efforts as leaders in ESG performance within the REIT industry.


DOC is committed to reducing our energy usage, emissions and water consumption, and increasing our waste diversion rate, by 10% each over the three-year period commencing with 2019 and continuing through 2021. Utilizing 2018 as our base year, the tables below reflect our results in each area for 2019.

2018 2018 Baseline Baseline 2019 2019 Progress Progress 104.94 107.47 284,273 291,140 22.0% 19.9% 2018 Baseline 2019 Progress 2018 Baseline 2019 Progress 25.90 26.58 2021 GOAL 96.72 2021 GOAL 262,026 2021 GOAL 29.9% 2021 GOAL 23.93 2019 SAVINGS EQUIVALENT TO 17,041,829 MILES DRIVEN BY AN AVERAGE PASSENGER VEHICLEREDUCTION OF 6,867 METRIC TONS AND $311,750 IN TOTAL ENERGY SPEND 2019 SAVINGS EQUIVALENT TO THE AVERAGE DAILY WATER USAGE OF 9,644 U.S. HOUSEHOLDS ADDITIONAL WASTE DIVERTED IN 2019 EQUALS 117.97 METRIC TONS, WHICH WOULD FILL 3.25 SEMI-TRUCKS (-2.4%) CHANGE YEAROVER YEAR (-2.4%) CHANGE YEAROVER YEAR (-2.6%) CHANGE YEAROVER YEAR +2.1% CHANGE YEAR OVER YEAR COMPLETE TO 2021 GOAL COMPLETE TO 2021 GOAL 24 % 24 % COMPLETE TO 2021 GOAL 2 1 % COMPLETE TO 2021 GOAL 26 % 10% Energy Use Reduction Goal 10% Emissions Reduction Goal Reduce energy use intensity, targeting a 10% reduction by 2021. Units are kBTU/SF. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity, targeting a 10% reduction by 2021. Units are tCO 2 e. 10% Waste Diversion Increase Goal 10% Water Use Reduction Goal Commitment to reduce water use intensity, targeting a 10% reduction by 2021. Units are GAL/SF. Increase waste diverted from landfills, targeting a 10% increase in diversion rate by 2021. Units are the percentage of waste diverted.
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Footnotes: Energy, emissions, and water metrics are expressed in energy usage intensity (EUI) to normalize for building size by square footage. EUI expresses a building's energy use as a function of its size or other characteristics. Waste data is reported as a percentage of diversion rate, i.e., the percentage of waste diverted from a landfill or incineration facility. There were no significant changes in EUI based upon weather or occupancy.

At DOC, our Invest in better® philosophy includes a focus on providing better health care, better communities, and better returns. We also prioritize the wellbeing of our team members, our health care partners, the patients that visit our properties, and the communities we all call home.

Having exceeded our $250,000 goal for 2019, DOC has increased its commitment to charitable giving for 2020 to $300,000 to further support causes critical to our stakeholders. This marks our most ambitious yearly philanthropic goal to date, but it’s a number we’re confident we will exceed as we continue to build on the over $1 million in total charitable contributions DOC has made since the company’s inception. We are also committed to expanding our partnerships with our property managers and tenants on charitable and sustainable projects at their facilities and in their communities. This focus includes supporting the health, wellness, and education of our team members.

Here are just a few of our 2019 achievements:


Sound corporate governance is critical to ensuring DOC’s long-term growth and stability. In 2019, we took a step forward as leaders in the REIT industry by formalizing and publishing a Vendor Code of Conduct and Human Rights Statement to ensure the partners we engage with share our values and commitments to sustainability. DOC also formed a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee to ensure that we are not only conscious of D&I, but also leaders in D&I.