Pandemic Stories from the Field

April 24, 2020 | Healthcare Partner Engagement

“We’re all in this together” isn’t just a cliché to the DOC property managers on the ground working with our tenants in these unprecedented times.

Recently, our partners at CHI Saint Joseph Health in Lexington, KY, received a generous donation of alcohol-based sanitizer from Buffalo Trace Distillery but were struggling to secure the appropriate bottles to dispense it. We were able to work with our local janitorial supplier, Leonard Brush & Chemical Company, to obtain 300 spray bottles, which we were proud to donate. It’s just one small example of how DOC is always willing to lend a hand (or in this case, a few hundred spray bottles) to assist our partners on the front lines.

Kudos to our Senior Property Manager Barb Bennett and the team at Leonard Brush & Chemical Co for pulling this together!



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