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Sustainability within the health care real estate ecosystem means more than just “going green.”

It involves planning and thinking broadly about the social, economic, and environmental consequences of providing an exceptional experience for our health care partners, their patients, our employees, and our shareholders.

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Defining ESG at DOC

Environmental: Capitalizing on opportunities, lowering occupancy costs, reducing our carbon footprint, improving patient experience through property upgrades, and generating long-term shareholder value.

Social: Generating and measuring trust and loyalty among our team, clients, and society while reflecting company values of giving back to our communities, promoting a healthy working environment, and retaining top team member talent within a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Governance: Measuring company processes through checks and balances, and ensuring our decisions reflect the best interests of our shareholders.

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Sustainability Philosophy

At DOC, we strive to be sustainability leaders in the Medical Office Building (MOB) sector of the real estate industry. All DOC ESG projects stem from our adherence to a G2 SustainabilitySM philosophy—a practical approach in which being “green” through our capital initiatives equates to a "green" cash return via cost savings over time. With these goals in mind, DOC has created a holistic approach to ESG, ensuring the economic viability, operational efficiency, natural resource conservation, and social responsibility of our nationwide portfolio. As a publicly-traded company, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and corporate governance.

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EMS Sustainability Strategy

To organize and direct our company sustainability strategy, Physicians Realty Trust developed an Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS outlines DOC’s roadmap to integrate sustainability considerations and objectives into DOC’s ongoing decision-making and operations. The plan includes a four-stage sustainability strategy for continuous improvement: Assess, Act, Implement, and Review, and all workflows are managed by an internal, cross-department DOC Sustainability Team.

The EMS includes specific policies and programs related to energy and water efficiency, waste management, sustainable development, efficient operational building and maintenance practices, green building certifications, and stakeholder engagement so that we may continually improve the stewardship of our portfolio. Through the execution of our EMS strategy, DOC embraces sustainability practices across our business and demonstrates leadership in our industry. Our team is committed to developing, owning, and managing a portfolio of buildings that maximizes health care partner comfort and health through fiscally responsible sustainability practices.



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