2022 Earth Day Recap

June 16, 2022 | Healthcare Partner Engagement

Earth Day 2022 logo for Step Up to the Plate and Swing for Energy Savings

As part of our Earth Day celebration last month, DOC challenged its property management team to “Step Up to the Plate and Swing for Savings” – a month-long effort to help meet DOC’s annual sustainability goals by reducing energy usage and increasing energy efficiency throughout our portfolio. Our property managers and health care partners implemented no- and low-cost energy savings projects as part of our Energy Savings Home Run Derby, and we were blown away by the results. By month’s end, 103 properties participated, collectively implementing nearly 800 no- or low-cost energy savings measures!

Here’s just a sampling of what we achieved together this Earth Day:

  • In Bismarck, ND, Julie Helten, Davis senior property manager who oversees DOC’s 8-property portfolio, challenged her tenants with weekly projects ranging from activating sleep settings on electronics to replacing desk light bulbs with more efficient LED lighting.
  • Dana Klein and Eileen Baisley of Landmark Healthcare Facilities, who manage DOC’s four-property NY/NJ portfolio, created an energy scorecard for their tenants. Ideas included turning off lights when not in use, using the sleep mode on computer monitors, and adjusting blinds to optimize natural light.
  • The team managing DOC’s six-building Atlanta portfolio–Lauren Alexander, Von Terry, Kendall Snyder, JoLyn Adams, and Latoya Holden of Realty Trust Group–partnered with their service providers to offer educational events at multiple properties. In addition, they shared ideas on how to reduce our carbon footprint at work, at home, and on the go.
  • In Katy, TX, Paul Stamatis, who leads the team managing our two-building portfolio, planned a gathering for Earth Day to inspire his tenants to save energy at work and home while also engaging the group in planting new trees on the property.
  • Elease Benson of Lincoln Harris CSG – Healthcare Group created a “Price is Right”-style game for her tenants to raise awareness about energy waste and positive energy savings activities.
  • Stephanie Decker, Cornerstone Companies property manager for DOC’s Grand Blanc, MI property, sent weekly emails to tenants, including an energy knowledge quiz and the property’s energy savings report.
  • Angela Zarate, Amie Washburn, and Annette Daniel, DOC’s team managing the Columbus, OH portfolio, partnered with their janitorial service provider to hold events at two properties. The group donned baseball caps and t-shirts and shared a variety of healthy snacks, fun facts, and other energy savings information, including pollinator wildflower seed packets, stress balls, Earth Day-themed cookie pops, and a grab-and-go lunch.
  • In Nebraska, Ben Chrystak, who manages a 13-property portfolio, centered his initiative around educating tenants on how easy-to-make small adjustments can make a significant impact.
  • Susan Leinweaver, DOC senior property manager overseeing our Dallas, TX portfolio, held an Earth Day with a musical and artistic element. The day featured speakers, a piano player, an art show, and sustainably decorated display tables decked out with energy savings information and helpful tips.

We want to thank our management partners and our fantastic DOC team of property managers. We appreciate the many creative ways you stepped up to the plate and challenged our tenants to swing for savings!




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